Toledo, Spain in Winter

You’ve been to Toledo, right? Anyone who comes to Madrid usually visits Toledo so I guess I can get away with only posting a few (poor) photos.

Toledo in fact looks much nicer than in the photos below. I’ve been there a few times and whilst I enjoyed my first visit, each of my later trips were a little disappointing. If you choose to go there on a weekend, you’ll end up spending the day among crowds of people. Even in winter, January sees thousands of tourists visiting Toledo from all over the world. Escalators take you from the parking lot up to the medieval town surrounded by walls, whose quaint, narrow streets are crowded with tourists and so loose some of their charm. I think that visiting during the week would probably be a better idea.
Despite my lack of enthusiasm, Toledo had to feature here, as it’s a must see for all foreign tourists coming to Madrid. We’ll go back to Toledo, but during a different time of the year. My next posts will show my favorite places to visit in and around Madrid.

Toledo Spain in Winter, Travel Photography by Marta Kuchcińska, Wedding and Family Photographer from Poland


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