Ronda – a picturesque town in Andalusia

Today I’m taking you to another picturesque town in Andalusia. It’s a well-known place, popular among tourists visiting the Costa del Sol and wanting to see something other than the Spanish coast. Ok, so maybe this time I didn’t discover anything new or original, but Ronda is definitely worth at least a half-day visit and merits a few pictures on my blog.

It’s easy to get to Ronda from Malaga and other coastal resorts. You can get there by car, bus or train and the route takes you on winding mountain roads, so there is no lack of views. Ronda itself lies on the edge of a rock-face, either side of a canyon connected by the impressive “Puente Nuevo” bridge, which just takes your breath away. It’s hard to believe that the buildings set on the precipice (so called Casas Colgadas) have stood there safely for so many years. This is not the only Spanish town which has been built in such a way. You can experience similar views in Cuenca, for example, as well as many other mountain towns.

We decided to see the mines and the gardens in the Palacio el Rey Moro (the Palace of the Moorish King). Legend has it that a king who drank wine from the skulls of his enemies lived here. The mine (La Mina) is in fact a decent by stairs to an underground river, where slaves would go to fetch water for the palace.

You have to go and see the views for yourselves.

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