Peñalara – a day out in Sierra de Guadarrama

Living in a large city, even in the suburbs, means that sometimes you just want to escape. As you’ve seen, I’m not a big city girl, as when the weekend comes along, I feel like going out and breathing some fresh air.
As luck would have it, the suburbs to the north of Madrid are connected by a direct road to the Sierra de Guadarrama. In less than an hour, you can be in an entirely different world. Although during the weekend the most popular walks are very busy, this is still a much better alternative to the crowded and quite noisy city. Even for amateur walkers, such as myself, there are many options for spending your time without getting fatigued.

I don’t usually take a camera with me on these kinds of trips, which means that I then generally regret it, as the views turn out to be worth capturing.

This time it was a little different. Despite a very busy weekend, after several photo engagement and family shoots, my camera did come along with me, albeit probably just out of habit. It was a beautiful summer’s day in Madrid (end of May), and so we decided to take in some of the spectacular views from the Peñalara peak (the highest peak of the Sierra de Guadarrama). You’ll see the views we enjoyed in the photos below. Just as we left Madrid and started to approach the mountains, it turned out that we had driven in to a cloud bank. In fact, we did’t see peaks or much else for that matter, but it has to be said that it had its own ambiance.

Peñalara day out in Sierra de Guadarrama – Travel Photography mandrid and Spain by Marta Kuchcinska, Wedding and Family Photographer based in Poznań (Poland) and Madrid, Spain.


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