Bocairent – the town on solid rock

Spain has much more to offer than just sun and beaches. Even if you’re just going on a typical beach holiday on the sandy Costa Blanca, nearby you’ll find interesting places to visit, and which are completely different to the crowded coast.

Take a look at this mountain town, built on solid rock. Bocairent lies only some 60 km from Alicante, next to the Sierra de Mariola and is a typical medieval town built during Arabic rule. The main attraction are the Moorish caves – Covetes dels Moros – some of which are open to the public (tickets cost € 1,5). In reality it’s a labyrinth hewn out of the rock. Its dry and quite well-lit, although at times you’ll need to crawl through tight spaces or climb up to other caves using a rope. Children probably handle the visit better than adults. If you want to visit the attraction, take care to dress appropriately and remember that you’ll be required to leave your things outside.

The walk up to the trail to the Ermita de Sant Crist also looks quite pleasant, although we were unable to do it when we were there, as we arrived quite late in the afternoon and the weather was quickly getting worse.

Consider visiting Bocairent if you’re considering day trips whilst in the area. If you like the outdoors, walks and cycle routes, you’ll easily be able to spend more time there

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