Ávila – one-day trip from Madrid

While preparing the post for my blog, I’ve come to realise just how much the weather impacts the way I see places. It influences my photos too, not just because of the conditions themselves, but because when it’s cold, I just don’t fancy taking out my camera 🙂

We went to Ávila in March and an icy wind was blowing through the town. We Poles are used to the cold, but despite layers of warm clothing, the only thing we really felt like doing was to enter a coffee shop and never leave.

On the way back – it started snowing.

Ávila is yet another medieval town, ideal for one/two-day visits from Madrid. Narrow streets, surrounded by the town’s impressive walls, truly give Ávila a certain charm. Within the walls you’ll find lots of places to visit, whilst outside them the views are beautiful. I don’t know if it’s because of the distance from Madrid, or perhaps because of the weather, but Avila seemed to be much quieter than Toledo.

Avila one day trip from Madrid – photos by Marta Kuchcinska www.martakuchcinska.pl


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