Asturias in Summer

Imagine the sea, mountains, greenery, sandy beaches & rocks, forests, wild fields and sometimes a quaint town, a setting sun & cloudless sky or even a dramatically cloudy day. This is Asturias in Summer…Asturias is a beautiful  region in the north of Spain. I was there only a few days… too short, I know. I saw only the coast and so I have to go back to visit the mountains. I dream of going there with a couple in love as there is no shortage of beautiful photo locations. In fact I am jealous of the photographers who live in the area. A beautiful, quiet place to live, visit, to take pictures and… to retire. If you like seafood you’d fall in love with this place even more than I. As a vegetarian, Spain can be a little more difficult for me.
I loved Asturias in summer and I hope to be back there soon.

Many thanks to Aitor, a friend from Spain, who took us to visit his home.

The photos below are of: Salinas, Luanco, Cabo Peñas, Ribedesella, Lastres, Tazones, Gijon &  Oviedo at night, as well as views captured along the way

Photos by Marta Kuchcinska, Wedding & family Photographer


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