Alicante – breathtaking views from Castillo Santa Barbara


You’re standing on a rocky hill, on the walls of a 9th century fortress. It’s a windy April day, but the sun is trying to break through from between the clouds.

You’re surrounded by beautiful views. On one side you see the Mediterranean Sea, the port and sandy beaches, whilst on the other lies the city, with its tall buildings, apartment blocks and behind them, the mountains. Around you, flowers are in bloom and looking up, you notice that the clouds have in fact disappeared, revealing blue skies and sunshine. Above the fortress, the sky is filled by calling seagulls, whose young have recently hatched. The holiday season is just around the corner, but luckily the area is still calm – the crowds and tourists will arrive in a few weeks to come and enjoy these views.

Alicante is a loved and valued by tourists in search of sandy beaches and the sun of the Spanish Costa Blanca. The Castillo Santa Barbara fortress, surrounded by its breathtaking views, is one of Alicante’s main tourist attractions and is a must see for all visitors. I’ll make it easier and add that you can drive up the hill if you wish, although you can walk or take the lift (costs approx. €2.5).

I particularly recommend visiting the region just before the start of the season, as prices are more reasonable and there are numerous flights from a range of European cities (including Poland).

For me, Alicante was also an opportunity to meet some of my Polish clients and taking some romantic photos. The weather did make the photo shoot a little tricky, but we achieved what we wanted. If you want to see the effects and at the same time, see some more sights from Alicante, click here.

If you’re looking for other ideas for staying in the Costa Blanca region, I recommend the Ruta de los Acantilados walk as well as the medieval clifftop town of Bocairent.

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