In 2016, I flew a total of 17 flights between Poland and Spain. I spent almost half a year in Madrid, and it looks like that’s how things are going to be for the next few years. Its where I have my home away from home and my base for excursions in Spain. During my trips, I find myself amassing photos and would very much like to share some of them with you.

Even after two years, I still find that Spain surprises me. It’s a culturally and geographically diverse country which certainly shouldn’t just be associated with the typical post-card views of sandy beaches. I want to show you a Spain which may well surprise you too. In this blog, you’ll find a selection photos from some of my walks and trips. They’re normal shots which were taken in my free time and it’d be great if they inspire you to visit these places and see then with your own eyes, whether on short trips or holidays.

Feel free to share your experiences of trips in and around Madrid too!

Professionally, I am a wedding and family photographer and this blog is here purely for pleasure.

The English version of the blog is Krzysztof’s responsibility – he’s also culpable for this whole Spanish situation.


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Madrid Spain Travel Photography by Marta Kuchcinska www.martakuchcinska.pl