Porto – a rainy day in Portugal

This is part 2 of our weekend trip to Portugal. For part 1, click here.

In hearing about Porto, I’m guessing that you’re imagining pretty, colourful townhouses situtated on the hills, lights glistening in the Douro river, blue skies, the Ponte Luis I bridge against the backdrop of a setting sun…

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Mercado Productores – idea for the weekend – Matadero Madrid

For some time now we have been planning to go to the Matadero in Madrid. This is an old slaughterhouse which has been converted in to a culture and art center. The interesting architecture from the beginning of the 20th century is home to exhibitions, shows and many other forms of contemporary art, but not only this. It’s also home to a regular “Mercado de Productores” where you’ll find producers of organic food from around Madrid selling their goods. The market is held over one weekend each month.

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