In 2016 I racked up 17 flights between Poland and Spain. I spent almost half a year in Madrid and it looks like this year is going to look very much the same. I basically have a second home in Madrid from which I visit places both close to “home” and farther afield. Each trip adds to the hundreds of photos I have amassed to-date, largely saved on hard-drives, just longing to be used.

Spain surprises me every time and that’s why I’m taking my photos “out of their drawer.” Maybe Spain will surprise you too. You’re not going to find any “post-card” views in my pictures, but just a visual record of some of my walks and travels. They’re just normal shots, taken by chance. It’d be wonderful if they inspired you to go visit, enjoy and see new places through your own eyes.
Perhaps you’ll want to share your own places in and around Madrid with me? Send me your feedback!
Professionally, I am a wedding and family photographer. I work mainly in Poland. This blog is here purely for pleasure.
Marta Kuchcińska

Madrid Spain Travel Photography by Marta Kuchcinskawww.martakuchcinska.pl